Alpine skiing

In Praz de Lys Sommand, skiing is in your pocket! 23 ski lifts to take you up, 55 km of slopes to see all the colors, 2 beginners sectors, to give you momentum, 1 snowpark and 3 boarder cross, to do tricks and jumps. All perfectly exposed: Mont-Blanc straight ahead!

Cross-country skiing

50 km of cross-country ski trails that will take you from alpine pastures to forests, with the sun and the bonus view. Here you are on one of the best Nordic ski sites in Haute-Savoie, labeled Haute-Savoie Nordic. One of the largest too, the area is suitable for all levels! 3 green tracks to start, 4 blue tracks to skate, 3 red tracks to darken, 1 black track to sweat. Rest assured, you have one week to discover the area… And all the next winter holidays to come back!

Sleigh dogs

The Great North at two paws! The sled is ready. The dogs howl with joy and are just waiting for you to go for a walk!For an hour or a two-day raid, go off the beaten track and let yourself slide. Well wrapped up, let yourself be surprised and enjoy a breathtaking panorama. Sit comfortably in a sleigh and enjoy. Or learn to lead the pack of dogs that will make you discover an extraordinary discipline. Go solo on your sled for an initiation or with your family for a baptism, something to amaze young and old and have a good time! At Praz de Lys or Sommand, whatever option you choose, emotion and thrills guaranteed!

Nordic skiing

This winter at Praz de Lys Sommand, come and test our new ski touring routes! As soon as the resort opens, two marked routes will be offered to good skiers looking for new sensations.


Take-off at the top of the peaks! The best way to discover a discipline is to go back to its origins. In Mieussy: cradle of paragliding, in winter or summer, on skis or on foot, a sail is enough to take advantage of this breathtaking flight!

Trail territory

In summer or winter on the snow, it's sneakers on your feet that you BROWSE the trail routes that are on offer. Put away the compasses, an app is there to guide you! Between forests and peaks, don't forget to admire! Do you have a competitive spirit? Take on the trail challenges! So on your marks ... Ready ... Go!

Hiking routes

The whole mountain at your feet! The best way to walk is on our 30 km of footpaths in winter and our 23 walking and hiking routes in summer! In front of the grandiose landscapes, some may have had their soufflé cut. Stop for the time to enjoy it, then leave until you reach heights of emotion.

Cyclo & MTB

Cycling, mountain biking or electric mountain biking, downhill, uphill or looped, for fun, sport or relaxation ... At Praz de Lys Sommand, it's everyone's style, everyone's way of getting in the saddle.

All activities

On the lookout for new sensations! In Praz de Lys Sommand, there is life outside of skiing.Summer and winter, a host of activities awaits you and there is something for everyone! Thrills and adrenaline, back to basics and relaxation, fun and fun ... The perfect mix to be sure to leave with a full memory box!


In winter as in summer, the Tourist Office as well as the village associations offer you a multitude of events. Something to delight young and old!